Best Japanese home products on Amazon. Holiday Gift guide!

Irasshaimase! Welcome. Step right in. Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that Japan loving friend of yours? Say no more. We’ve got what you need.

Here are our 2017 holiday home gift picks. All shipped and sold through Amazon. Hai!

Japanese enamel teapot kettle enamel


Noda Horo Japanese enamel tea pot. Japan has a long tradition of making some of the best enamel in the world. This tea kettle is no exception. It’s built with exacting standards by Noda Horo – a Japanese manufacturer that’s been in business for over 70 years. We like it in this burnt orange color, but they’ve got a few gorgeous colors to choose from. Made in Japan.

japanese kitchen towel tenugui

Channel your inner Jiro with this Tenugui towel. These little cotton beauties seem to be at the cornerstone of every Japanese home. Use it to wipe your hands, clean your kitchen, or decorate your apartment. So simple, and yet so beautiful – you can’t have enough of these things lying around. And if you’re a Star Wars fan, which who isn’t, we think you might fancy this Darkside version.

yube japanese moisturizing skin cream

We’re not sure what’s in the stuff, but goddamn does it hydrate your skin. Yube was invented in  1957 by a Japanese pharmacist, Yoshikiyo Nowatari. The dude wanted a petrol-free alternative to all the other skin creams available out there. Man did he nail it. Yube is one of many of Japans little secrets. Shhhhhh!

higo no kami pocket knife japanese home gift guide


Think your boyfriends pretty tough, huh? Well does he carry a Higo no Kami pocket knife. I didn’t think so. These things are direct descendants of Samurai Swords. They’re wicked sharp penny knives and you just can’t beat the price for 23.99. So get your boyfriend one, okay?

best japanese products gift guide

Morihata Set of 2 activated charcoal Toothbrushes. These incredible toothbrushes (is that the correct plural version) contain Japanese activated carbon. They clean and deodorize more than a traditional toothbrush because thanks to the molecular “stickiness” of carbon. We also think they look pretty damn good too. A no brainer for your favorite minimalist.


tampopo film dvd criterion collection

Tampopo Criterion collection Blu-Ray. This incredible film by director Juzo Itami was and may still be the first ever “ramen Western.” It’s a must see for any Japanofile. We like the Criterion collection because of it’s beautiful cover. There’s a scene in it involving two lovers and one ramen egg. You can imagine the fun.

kalita wave pour over coffee maker gift guide

The Kalita wave coffee dripper. We love this pour over because it’s so simple, beautiful and durable. It makes a hell of a cup of “kohi” with little effort or attention needed. Made of molded Japanese steel, so you know it’s going to be around for a very long time.

japaneasy cookbook 2017 holiday gift guide

Finally, every kitchen needs a corny cook book. Make it Japaneasy. The book is chalk full of really well thought our recipes that are truly easy to put together. It’s got beautiful, full page images and an incredibly quirky cover. Buy!