Best gear for bike commuting


Bike commuting is life changing. Bike commuting may save this planet. I look at my bike and tears start to well up in my eyes. Okay, maybe a little bit dramatic, but hell–we all need something to live for. Here are our picks for the best gear to get you on your bike and off it safely, conveniently and with some style.


Kryptonite Evolution mini u-lock. This thing is absolutely gold on the streets. But at 50 bucks, we know what you might be thinking. Why right? “Why don’t I just buy the cheapest one on Amazon? It’s just a lock.” Well let me tell you. This thing is keeping your damn bike safe. You’re commuting right? Well how would you like to stop for a coffee, lock your bike up with some cheapo-crap lock, only to come out and find your ride to work missing. I don’t think you’d like that very much. This is the last lock you’ll ever need to buy. And if you don’t believe us, stop any skiddin, smokin’, tattooed bike messenger in your city and ask their opinion on the matter. Use a cable lock if you’re tired of your current rig and want to go bike shopping!

odyssey twisted pedals bike commuting pedals

This ain’t the damn Tour de France. You’re just biking to work, so leave those clipless klick-claking pedals and shoes at home. We like these Odyssey twisted pedals because they’re cheap, durable, and come in a ton of cool colors. Quit walking around like a penguin in your space shoes and buy these pedals. You won’t regret it.

giro reverb best cycling helmet

What’s the point of riding a bike if you don’t look good. And you can’t look good without a head, so wear a dang helmet! Luckily with the Giro Reverb you can look good and be protected at the same time. Save that aero helmet for weekend rides, or ditch that old dad looking thing for this practical guy. We like it in this orange and white classic styling, but they offer tons of colors so check them out!

bike commuting safety triangle

Face it. As a bike commuter, you’re going to inevitably deal with some real asshole drivers. The kind of guys and gals who want you off “their roads.” They’ll honk, put up their middle finger, and maybe yell something stupid at you. So what do you do? The answer is simple: use a safety triangle. This cheap little thing seems to have magic powers. From our experience, cars yield, give more room and see you more easily with this thing strapped to your seat, bag or backpack. Okay, maybe it’s just the power of reflective material and not magic, but you get the point. They’re so cheap and potentially life saving, so why not grab one for all your buddies and form a safety triangle gang!!

sks bike fender for bike commuting to work

As we move into the wet season, you’re going to want to make sure you have a bike fender on you at all times. With that in mind, we can’t recommend the SKS rear rain and mudguard fender enough! Seriously. This thing works like a charm, looks great and is so dang affordable. It’s German so you know it’s high quality and durable. Do you and your ass a favor and just buy one.


You didn’t hear it from us that this cheapo, Chinese-knockoff works about 95% as good as the nearly $60 bell it’s imitating, okay? Make sure you’re not only seen, but heard. A bell on your dashboard (handlebars) will be used a thousand times a day. Get it here on Amazon for a mere $14 bucks.

rema best cycling patch kit

This one’s a no brainer: a simple patch kit. Never leave home without one. This one is the absolute best. It’s an Amazon add on for $5.00 so just tack it on to one of your orders. You won’t be sorry you did.

That’s it for now! We’ll be adding more in the future, so stay close to the blog. Now get out there and ride your bike!

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